Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Liebster Award

The other day Beloved Jaine was kindly nominated for a Liebster Award, and I am very thankful that it has been gaining recognition from you fellow online bloggers and followers. I'll be honest... at first I had no idea what the Liebster Award was so I did some research (as you do!). Turns out that this award only exists on the internet given to bloggers by other bloggers. It has German origins – the word 'liebster' has several definitions: dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, BELOVED (yes, I'm easily amused by this one) and seems to have been created to recognize and/or discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere... which is a great way to establish yourself and build a following in my opinion! 

Chloe from Chloe Wright Writes gave me the nomination and gave me a set of questions to answer. 

The Rules

1. Provide a link back to the blogger who nominated you
2. Post 11 random facts about you

3. Answer 11 random questions set by the blogger who nominated you
4. Nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers for the award (excluding who nominated you) with 11 questions for them to answer
5. Let the nominees know that you have nominated them

11 Random Facts 

1. I used to want to be an archaeologist when I was little
2. I'm scared of heights
3. Paris is my favourite place in the world (so far...) 
4. I was sacked from my first retail job when I was 16 
5. I am a massive country music fan
6. I have two on my inner wrist and ankle
7. I'd love to own an Audi 
8. I've kissed Harry Judd from McFly (cringy fan days are over...)
9. My favourite colour is purple 
10. I've been told by a few random people that I look like Zoey Deschannel & Katy Perry (I do hope so!)
11. I want to live in a city someday 

Chloe's Questions
1.    If you could transform into an animal, which would it be? Definitely a cat. I love their attitudes to life and they are also like me in every single way… hygiene freaks, affectionate, everything is on their terms haha… 
2. Your house is on fire, your pets and your family are safe, what one item would you save? My phone for sure! I can’t live without it.
3.    What is your oldest memory? I swear I once saw a bat in my old house and it petrified me LOL (could have just been a bird?)
4.    You're going on a very long journey, what do you take with you? My iPod loaded with brilliant music, fashion magazines and a Starbucks Frappuccino
5.  What are your top three handbag essentials? My purse, chapstick, car keys
6. What is your least favourite colour and why? Orange…it doesn’t really go with anything does it?
7. Stealing this one - Favourite book? The Hunger Games Series!!!
8. Favourite season? I was born at the end of August so maybe that’s why I love both summer AND winter?...
9. What do you consider as a perfect day? Waking up around 9am on a sunny day, going on a shopping spree in London, and then snuggling in bed with a good book
10. You wake up and discover you're a ninja - what do you do next? Show off my impressive combat skills of course!
11. You need some 'me-time' what would you do? Have a pamper night whilst watching reruns of Keeping Up With The Kardashians… face mask, hair mask, nails, boiling hot bubble bath with candles and a glass of wine woo! 

My Nominations

Elana - Life of Elana 

Katrina - Chased By My Imagination
Jennifer - Jennique Creatives
Jessica - JessieCrescent
Sian - Sianasorus
Jenna - Welcome To My Life 
Chloe - Teaspoonss
Frankie - Beauty-ful Opulence
Cindy - MazeDays
Katherine - Girl On a Budget
Krystal - MooreKrystal

My Questions to Nominees 

1. Have you ever faked being ill? Why? 
2. Have you ever been in a car accident? 
3. How would you describe yourself? 
4. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? 
5. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? 
6. What was the last film you watched? 
7. Are you a morning or a night person? 
8. Do you have any phobias? 
9. What makes you happy? 
10. What makes you sad? 
11. Where do you want to be in ten years time? 

Have fun guys and don't forget to spread the love and add the Liebster Award photo to your side bar! :) 



  1. thanks for nominating me for this award, please always visit my blog

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  4. Haha that's okay! Your blog is really good and thanks so much for the link back :)))) xx