Sunday, 12 October 2014

Lush Bluewater VIP Opening Party

I was recently invited to the VIP Opening Party of the brand new Lush store in Bluewater and brought my friend, Sam, along with me as a plus one. This was the first launch event I've been invited to as a blogger, so I wasn't going to say no in the RSVP! I didn't quite know what to expect, but was very pleased that I went. As soon as we walked in the staff were very friendly and approachable. I spoke to one member of staff and said that I was looking for a deep hair treatment that would be good for damaged ends. She spoke to us for a good fifteen minutes, asking me all sorts of questions about what condition my hair was in to try and find the best product to recommend. Eventually we settled on a hair care product called 'Marilyn' which you use every six to eight weeks, depending on your hair regime (review of this coming very soon!). The new shop d├ęcor was very bright and colourful, and they had arranged the entire store around a cute little island counter in the middle, where you could get free skin consultations. We were treated as typical VIP's throughout the evening and enjoyed some lovely beverages of orange juice and champagne, as well as cake and a relaxing arm massage with a wonderful smelling soap bar of our choice. We also enjoyed looking at the brand new Halloween and Christmas collections before anyone else! I made my own bath bomb which was very fun to do. Sam and I also took part in a rather interesting 'smell game' with one of the staff. She told me to tell her a happy memory of mine and to elaborate on all five senses of that memory (taste, touch, smell, see, hear...). So I said about my time at the Isle of Wight Festival this year and whilst I had my eyes closed she concocted an amazing memory smell and magically transported me back to the festival - I could actually smell my memory and it was like I was back there! Sounds bizarre, but it was definitely a highlight of the VIP party for me... I couldn't believe how she had managed to do it! At the end of the launch I bought the Marilyn hair treatment and a gorgeous exfoliating lip scrub called 'Mint Julips' which you can lick off after application (yum!). We were given a little LUSH goody bag as a 'thank you for coming' present, which had a free soap bar called 'Honey I Washed the Kids' and also a pink bath bomb. Thank you LUSH Bluewater for making my first blogger event a truly unforgettable experience. I love you! Who else has been to a launch party? Aren't they so much fun?!    

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Playboy Makeup Review

The lovely team over at Playboy Make-up were extremely kind to send me through some of their latest products for free. I received three items in my little package, which you could say are essential for pulling off one of my favourite and classic looks... the quirky pin-up girl! The packaging the lipstick and mascara came in was really shiny and pretty, so I won't be throwing those away which is a first!

The lipstick is called 'Perfect Kiss Intense Lipstick' and this was my favourite product out of the set. I am a die hard lipstick fanatic, and I loved how this shade was able to compliment most of my outfits for the start of Autumn. The shade is a coral colour with hints of pink tones. I can't say it's a summer colour (if you're looking for an explosion of colour on your lips) because it isn't very bold. However Perfect Kiss is slightly more subtle, which gives it that flexibility to wear during the cooler months ahead... pretty darn perfect if you ask me!

The first thing I noticed about 'Playful Lashes Volumizing Mascara' was the vibrant orange/pink-ish colour of the tube - I am always so fascinated with all things design and I believe Playboy put a lot of time and effort into this eye-catching range. I love that the mascara is a wonderful jet-black because it is my go-to eyelash colour and is always a safe bet for me. The mascara wand was shaped in a great way so you can create those brilliant full, voluminous lashes that every woman desires. The nail varnish I received was a beautiful, glittery blue and I bet it will look awesome when Christmas eventually rolls around.     

To create a look worthy of a pin-up legend, I had to do a little bit of research. Although I didn't have super bright, vampy red lips like Dita Von Teese (I used Playboy's Perfect Kiss of course)... I did take a look at some of her photographs for a little bit of inspiration. Pin-ups are famous for having a very pale complexion with eccentric eyes and a fabulous pout. I used Nivea's Daily Essentials BB Cream in shade Light for my base and then applied white eye-shadow from my Sunkissed Pallette to the whole lids. I then applied two different browns to the lower lid and eye crease, then blended together. Winged cat-eyes and the Playful Lashes mascara was put on last to make the eyes pop. Last but not least, I added Perfect Kiss and dabbed it onto the lips so it would last longer. 

Voila! Has anyone else tried any make-up from Playboy before? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Xx