Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Shopping Haul #01

Life can get very hectic, but it shouldn't ever get so busy that we can't take some time out for a little retail therapy. I find that I'm usually stuck in an endless routine of either attending university or working constantly, so by the time pay day eventually does roll around, I am very pleased. Of course I have to pay for things like my car insurance and my mobile phone bill (I do a lot of overtime), but I do like to treat myself now and again... who doesn't?  

I've been looking after my nan this week near London, so I took some time out to escape the house for a little while and indulge in some spending on the high street in Sutton. As you can see I bought a few odds and sodds. I waltzed into Primarni (my name for Primark) and picked out a stunning summer dress in a bold red print for £13.00. I want to try and incorporate looks from different eras into my summer wardrobe this year, and I thought this little dress looked like it belonged in the 1950s (plus it's so adorable).

The shoes were purchased from Primark as well and cost me £10.00. I've been moaned at recently at work by the big store managers for wearing black converse with white tips (yes)... which is why they are entirely plain. The price was quite reasonable and I thought they'd go well with any outfit - see I can be sensible with my money! 

Even though I'm 20, I only just got my ears pierced last November. It had always been that something that had never crossed my mind, therefore I'd never got it done. But I decided I wanted to look glamorous with pretty earrings, so I had to get them pierced and take the plunge (eek). These beautiful heart earrings are from New Look and they only cost me £2.25 in the sale - kaching! I now have quite a few earring boxes piling up in my bedroom, so I needed to find a nice earring holder to store all of them. I found a really sweet looking strawberry one in Claire's Accessories for £8.00 and knew I had to have it! 



Poundland is always a great place to pick up a few cheap essentials. I have a new iPod nano now (thank you student finance!), but I haven't been able to play out my tunes on my dock speaker because the iPod model is so new. I was really chuffed when I spotted this tiny adapter, because I can now blast my music out without a care in the world and it was only a pound! And of course... a girl can never have too many makeup remover wipes. I've ran out completely so I was thrilled to bits to find out that it was buy one get one free for two packs. Overall, I think I did pretty well on that shopping trip! Have you spoilt yourself lately?


  1. Omg that earring holder is so cute! I dont have my ears pierced yet! But I want to soon. Hopefully in the next few weeks. :D

    Lovely blog.

  2. Thank you! Yeah there was a really cute little cupcake one as well, so I might buy that if my earring collection suddenly grows haha. I'll check your blog out :) xx