Thursday, 13 March 2014

Skincare Routine: Love The Skin You're In

Biggest realisation of this year so far: there is simply not enough concealer in this world to hide all of those yucky blemishes we get from time to time. We can't ignore it - our skin is prescious and must be looked after properly. I am most definitely guilty of going to bed with makeup still on my face (which is something I wouldn't ever recommend doing, however it's unavoidable sometimes!). The makeup that we end up leaving on our face because A. We can't be bothered to take it off, B. We're too tired to clean it off, C. (Insert another excuse here) does really make a difference to our appaearance because we are essentially stuffing our pores full of dirt collected from over the course of the day, hence why we wake up with a few nastys!

Boots - £3.59

A free sample from a magazine that I've been using.

Wilkinsons - 99p (
My skincare regime is pretty simple really. Once in the morning before applying my makeup (if I have the time) and once before bedtime, so the product(s) get to work overnight. I usually like to fully cleanse/steam my face with warm water, and then I use a cotton pad to wipe the cleanser on. I'm currently using Nivea's Daily Essentials 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner which is great because it saves time. I'll then take that off after leaving it on for a few minutes, and then apply a moisturiser all over my face and neck. I normally like to use a face mask at least once a week to deeply clean everything, but I stick to my general regime every day religiously. If you're looking for great facial products with value for money, then Wilkinson's is the place to go! Or just go onto to browse through their amazing ranges.  Voila! That is how I keep my skin looking nice and fresh. What do you include in your skin routine?

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